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Gum Ghatti

Gum Ghatti is a complex polysaccharide of high molecular weight. It occurs in nature as a mixed calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium salt. Complete hydrolysis has shown that it is composed of L-arabinose, D-galactose, D-mannose, D-xylose and D-glucoronic acid in a molar ratio of 10:6:2:1:2 plus traces less than 1% of 6-deoxyhexose.
Gum Ghatti

Gum Ghatti

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Usage/ApplicationPharmaceutical, Cosmetics
Packaging TypePoly Pack
Pack SizeAs per request
BrandKachabo Gums
Gum Ghatti (also known as Indian gum) is a complex water-soluble polysaccharide; Gum Ghatti is an amorphous, translucent exudate of the Anogeissus Latifolia tree of the Combretaceae family. The tree is quite large and is found abundantly in the dry, deciduous forests of India. The gum has a glassy fracture and frequently occurs in rounded tears, which are normally less than 1 cm in diameter, but it more often occurs in larger vermiform masses.


Strict standards for color and impurities has been set on every batch purchased by KACHABO GUMS. The bark is removed and sand or silica is sorted out by sifting, aspiration, and density-table separation. This is to insure the cleanest possible gum.

Physical Property:

Ghatti has a bland taste and practically no order. Only about 90% of the gum disperse in water, and this portion forms a colloidal dispersion.


Gum Ghatti forms a viscous dispersion when mixed with water to 5% concentration or greater. Changes in viscosity with concentration are indicated in Table 1.
Viscosity of Gum Ghatti Dispersions Measured at 25 degree
with a Brookfield Viscometer (Model LVF)

Concentration, %1257.510
Viscosity, cp.23528810122444

The normal pH of the usually slightly straw-colored solution is 4.8 changes in viscosity with pH are shown in Table 2, indicating that a maximum viscosity is obtained at pH~8.

Viscosity of 5% Gum Ghatti Dispersions measured at 25 degree
with a Brookfield viscometer (Model LVF)

pHAged overnightAged 1 wkAged 2wk

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Calcium Gum Ghatti Powder

Calcium Gum Ghatti Powder

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GradeFood Grade.pharmaceutical Gr
Pack SizeAs per request
FeaturesSoluble in water
Packaging Typebag,carton
Is It DriedDried
BrandKachabo Gums
Formulated as per the requirements of our clients, our range of gum comprise gum ghatti which is an amorphous translucent exudate of the Anogeissus Latifolia tree of the Combretaceae family. It is also available in powdered form.

Specifications and features:

  • Exported either in lump form or powder where the gum is sized to 150 mesh or finer
  • Powdered Ghatti is light tan in colour
  • Bland taste
  • No odor
  • Occurs in nature as a mixed calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium salt
  • Composed of Larabinose, D-galactose, D-mannose, D-xylose and D glucoronic acid in a molar ratio of 10:6:2:1:2 plus traces less than 1% of 6-deoxyhexose
  • Does not dissolve in water to give a clear solution but rather over 90% of the gum disperses in water to form a colloidal dispersion
  • Forms viscous solutions at concentrations of about 5% or higher
  • Exhibits typical non-Newtonian behavior
  • Moderately viscous gum lying intermediate between Arabic and Karaya
  • Viscosity profile gives it a unique status in the spectrum of hydrocolloids
  • Excellent emulsifying properties
  • Normal pH of the dispersion is 4.8
  • Viscosity increases with pH up to a maximum at about pH
  • Easily preserved with a mixture of a maximum of 0.17% methyl and 0.03% propyl o hydroxybenzoate as well as with glycerin and propylene glycol
  • Benzoic acid, sodium acid as well as sodium benzoate at 0.1% concentration are effective preservatives

Applications of this gum are:

  • As an emulsifier and stabilizer in beverages and butter containing table syrups
  • Flavor fixative for specific applications
  • Preparation of powdered, stable, oil-soluble vitamins
  • Emulsifier of petroleum and non petroleum waxes to form liquid and wax paste emulsions
  • Used in combination with polyacrylamide to aid in the polymerization and formation of uniform and discrete prills of cross-linked polystrene
  • Used in powdered explosives to improve resistance to water damage

Ghatti gum is available in various grades that suit different applications that varies in terms of color, solubility, viscosity, BFOM and total ash content.

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Gum Ghatti Powder

Gum Ghatti Powder

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Usage/ApplicationVarnishes and emulsifying oils
BrandKachabo Gums
Packaging SizeAs per request
Uses of Gum Ghatti Powder

Food Products :

Table syrup emulsion

Petroleum and Mining :

  • Drilling muds
  • Oil-well acidizing
  • Emulsification of waxes
Miscellaneous :
  • Polymerization aid in forming prills of polystyrene
  • Aid in analytical procedures
  • As a stabilizer for Prussian blue in photoelectric determinations
  • As protective hydration layers around clay particles for soil analysis
  • As a source for production of arabinose

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